Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dog Pic of the Day #164

Possible Captions:
  • Dim Mi and He Dum, clever boys, thought they'd beat the system and wait where the food went. Then they fell asleep, and it all went horribly wrong....
  • #43 Szechuan Chicken (served w/egg roll & white rice)
  • Goldibarx and her sister Blackiwoof had discovered three enormous bowls of porridge, neither of the first two bowls of which was particularly tasty; but after scarfing them down anyway, waddling upstairs to one of the three beds seemed a big waste of time.

Dog Pic of the Day #163

Possible Captions:
  • The magic broom worked! With a grunt of rage, Graphyzzt found himself hurled from happily munching dustbunnies off the porch and into the yard. As their king, he could say that the Duribian Dust Dogs would soon find a less sorcerously tidy castle to haunt.
  • Oh, no, thought Randy; he should never have told his old lady to get him some Milk-Bonez and hop to the sweeping.
  • Roger wasn't sure how to tell his mistress, but he didn't think this assault with the car-washing attachment of the hose was going to get out the smell of skunk. He certainly hoped not.
  • Kip had summoned his nerve and asked a pretty little spaniel to the Spring Promenade at Obedience School, but he hadn't realized what went into the grooming for such a big night. And his friend had gone to get scissors!

Dog Pic of the Day #162

Possible Captions:
  • Spokk stared longingly through the slats, for on the other side of this fence was freedom--the freedom to again caper, roll over and fetch--happily, lovingly, innocently--as he had while a callow pup, long before he'd joined the Mustafa gang of Muttz and begun his life of crime.
  • "Nobody knows, the trouble I've ea'en. Nooooooobody knows my barrow..."
  • Lex had long been told about such happenings, but it was still a shock to his system to sneak onto the ranch and watch the cows "do it."

Dog Pic of the Day #161

Possible Captions:
  • It was a bad sign for their relationship: No matter how she tried, Isabella could not get into Ralph's hobby of drinking his own phlegm.
  • Fernando didn't want to overplay his hand, but this pickup routine was old hat. Of course he could touch his nose with his tongue! He'd been known on occasion to lick his eyebrows.
  • Rashid and Baba were tired of being told by Killa that they were lousy guard dogs and all around wimps, and so they were practicing. Next time he came by, he'd get a big old synchronized raspberry.

Dog Pic of the Day #160

Possible Captions:
  • Tonke didn't know who they thought they were, but if these old crones thought they were all going to share plate-licking duties, they had a few sharp teeth destined somewhere soft.
  • Though relegated to a household of commoners, Rufuldous Grimmunchus descended from a long line of poison testers, and he rose quickly to the challenge of testing the remains of dinner for any late-administered toxins.
  • "Yes, LOOK!" Mick said, calling over the waitress and manager. After an otherwise pleasant meal at Le Bon Hoof, it seemed there was a hair on his plate!

Dog Pic of the Day #159

Possile Captions:
  • "Help me, Only Wan Kabonie. You're my only hope..."
  • It was a horrible choice for Princess Leia: Han Solo, that lovable mutt with his lopsided smile and lolling tongue, or that pound cake just behind the carbonite machine.
  • When his owners told him to "stay" so they could put this horrible costume on him, Fritz had recalled hopefully certain conversations he'd overheard in the past, but now here he was, almost fully dressed, and there were no signs of any cinnamon rolls being attached to his head....

Dog Pic of the Day #158

"Ha!" Tibby sneered at the prostrate Ross. "Yeah, you keep working on that roll-over-and-beg trick. I''ll never have to follow another of Mrs. Hoffstein's stupid orders again. I'm off to bigger and better things. I'm off to meet my new owners, Siegfried and Roy."

Dog Pic of the Day #157

Possible Captions:
  • "Ho ho ho!" laughed pirate captain Francois Chienne. "Let you go? Never! We will force you to w-a-l-k us up and down the plank! And then maybe to the park."
  • Arriving at the pirate isle of Tortuga, Yellowtail and his crew spared a moment of laughter. Though General Ferdinand S. Meowzer had eaten their parrot, they had escaped the cunning cat's blockade and sailed off with a year's supply of Friskies--then poured them into the
  • "Goddamn it, Smee! You're stepping on my tail!"

Dog Pic of the Day #156

Possible Captions:
  • "I told you, Larry, we do it now, while she's in the kitchen. If she comes back and the pate's gone, how will she know it was us?!"
  • Wigga had been hopeful, bringing her boyfriend Roark home, but her parents had been less than impressed, and now Roark seemed insensible to any of her suggestions. Especially when she'd implied he shouldn't have brought up his intent to work in a junkyard.
  • They didn't call it a loveseat for nothing, Rufus realized as Candi blew in his ear. No wonder their owners didn't usually let them up here!

Dog Pic of the Day #155

Possible Captions:
  • "Ah, Mr. Bond. Would you like to sit down and hear my dastardly plan? Perhaps share a Sunkist?"
  • All Max wanted was a peaceful vacation, and he had the sun, two bags of kibble and was at the most beautiful resort in all the world. So why had that cabana cat thrown him his soft drink?

Dog Pic of the Day #154

Possible Captions:
  • The family income had really improved since Herbie had arranged for his owner to quit work at Microsoft and start begging beside him.
  • " Furry krishna, furry furry , krishna krishna. I'm so furry , he's a krishna..."
  • Joe and Moe, though they were praying for different things, fell down into a quick supplication of their heavenly Fathers: Joe, for forgiveness for the night before, and for another World Series for his beloved Red Sox; Moe for one more taste from the beautiful brown stuff slopped down the side of the refreshment stand down the hall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dog Pic of the Day #153

She'd been kissing Blaine goodbye on his way to work every day for fifteen years, but suddenly Maude realized that it wasn't about the stock options or the Porsche or the pool in back for the pups; she'd been living a lie. She needed to take off this stupid sweater and set of pearls and remember that, inside, inside where it counted, she was a dog.

Dog Pic of the Day #152

Possible Captions:
  • Lance paused a moment to look around. Yes, there still appeared to be a lot of clowns behind him, but it seemed that somewhere he had taken a wrong turn on his Tour de France.
  • "What, you think this is easy? Yeah, you--the woman in blue, stuffing her face with popcorn! Yo, Fatso, get over here and get on this bike. I'll take your popcorn." It was the third time he had tried the trick, but Miguel's luck had not changed. The woman stayed in the audience, acting as if she could not understand his cruel barbs.
  • Sid Schwinng, creator of the dogcycle, was never fully appreciated until he died in the gears of his own invention. Then he was appreciated as a cautionary example: Science had allowed him to fulfill his lifelong ambition, but at what cost? Some things were not meant to be attempted by dog nor man, and dog was never meant to catch his own tail.

Dog Pic of the Day #151

Possible Captions:
  • Oh, no. Dudley was up on the table again, swearing that if he didn't get some steak soon he'd jump.
  • As BHDFD Lt. Commander Stark Fury stared up at the blazing inferno, he knew that if he didn't do something quickly, dinner would burn.
  • They had been called in directly, but it was too late. It seemed that once again humans wanted to be saved by other humans, and so the canine emergency unit sadly gave way to the Mercy Hospital paramedics. But they also knew that quite soon their day would come, and when that
    happened, this butcher shop would reward them grandly for their diligence.

Dog Pic of the Day #150

Possible Captions:
  • Sheriff Ike "the Ears" Chesterton had caught the wily varmint, had heard him chomping from miles away, and if there was any justice in his Old West, the Chuck Wagon-scarfing bandit Arf McChaw was going to be wearing a hangdog look by morning.
  • With one quick twist, Dung Chow had flipped his opponent on his back--proving once and for all that Judo isn't just for cats.
  • Tungley fought hard to maintain a straight face as Chomper, his archenemy, fell for the oldest trick in the book: the electrified foot.

Dog Pic of the Day #149

Possible Captions:
  • Brownie had been promised that there was something amazing through this ring of fire, something incredibly tasty and delightful, but as he peered through, all he saw was more air...and a crowd of increasingly unimpressed-looking humans.
  • The difficulty, Snouti-san realized, had not been in avoiding the flames, but in breaking through the circular glass barrier disguised as a hoop. As he rebounded, his long and beautiful nose now crushed into the horrible likeness of those Pugs he so despised, he prepared for the ancient rite of sepukku.
  • In Cirque des Chiennes, Nutz had just been promoted to the Fire Tricks squad. His previous claim to fame was that he'd been raised by squirrels. (Alas, when he came of age he chased them all up a tree.)

Dog Pic of the Day #148

Possible Captions:
  • Vader stared Leia down. "If this is a consular ship, where is the dining room!?"
  • "Luke...I ate your father."
  • As Dogh Vader prepared to be lifted into his Tie Fighter for the trip planetside, he could already taste the meals to come: Ewok stew, Ewok-kebab, Ewok Tatooinaise...
  • True, the Emperor held his leash, but he wasn't called the Dark Lord of the Pith for nothing, and occasionally he showed the sour old Siamese who was boss by leaving steaming streams down his robes.

Dog Pic of the Day #147

Possible Captions:
  • "Goddamn it, Lois, did you have to get yourself into trouble on Pork Chop Night at the Y?"
  • Superdog sucked in a mighty breath to huff and puff and blow down the gates to the Sir Chompsalot Dog Food factory. He normally avoided collateral damage, but as this was the cornerstone of Womancat's evil empire, he looked forward to eating his way to justice.
  • As he begins to feel the horrible effects of Kryptonite, our hero realizes he should never have trusted that old green chew toy....

Dog Pic of the Day #146

Possible Captions:
  • "Matchmaker, matchmaker, bring me a ham and cheese sandwich!!!!" Despite her hearltfelt howls, unfortunately for Zeitel's non-Kosher dog Furbahl, she did not make it past the censors and into the musical, and was forced to eat Matzah.
  • As her eyes closed and the broom fell from her exhausted paws, Molli prayed that her mistress would not come home and immediately shed her long brown hair and slop food everywhere. She knew it was a losing battle.
  • Though it is not well known, the witch Baba Yaga's dog Fluffy was forced to do all the sweeping away of her flying-mortal-and-pestle tracks, and the spaniel did it faithfully for four hundred years before the witch was finally turned into a crow. At that point, Fluffy devoured both her and her gingerbread house.

Dog Pic of the Day #145

Possible Captions:
  • And so the experiment in gene splicing was a success. It was a happy coincidence for the scientists that Larry, the first dogsquito, was also the coolest. He was clearly what today's pet lover is looking for.
  • Mervin had smelled the ham soup cooking all day, and his plan approached zero hour. He had his enormous straw, to expedite delivery of the tastiness to his stomach, and sunglasses so that the family wouldn't recognize him on his dash through the kitchen. Oh yes, today would be one for the record books.
  • Hef protests the appearance of the new cat's litterbox in the Finkelstein home.

Dog Pic of the Day #144

Possible Captions:
  • "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to seek cheese...."
  • Hm. How odd! His new owner seemed nervous. Well, Octo decided, that would all change when they went home together and he proved his usefulness by skittering up the walls and eating house pests. Like cats.

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the doggie to the lass;
"'It's in the prettiest dog house that you ever did pass.
There's a huge soft comfy couch there, and a toilet too,
And I happen to love to cuddle, and all of this for you."
"O no, no," said the wise old lass, "Don't wag or pant at I,
For look you sweet, I know the truth: all you want's my pie."

Dog Pic of the Day #143

Possible Captions:
  • Though he kept up a brave front as the Gay Pride parade wore on, Tuco despaired of ever finding that big ol' huskie to rock him and sock him, and with whom he could share walkies and long drinks from the toilet.
  • Elton Jean-Pierre, singer/songwriter of the multi-platinum hits "Boney & the Jets" and "Saturday Night's All Right for Biting" arrives at the 2007 Grammies.
  • "Keep smiling, Joe. Keep smiling, and one of these days they'll fall asleep. They'll fall asleep and they won't be watching, and then you can take your revenge. Yes, you've got a plan. You can take your revenge on them and the cat. Ooooh, that cat. They're going to be soooooo sorry. They're going to be soooooo sorry they made Joey boy the laughingstock of the neighborhood. They're going to be soooooo sorry they dyed your fur this color and call you Fifi. Just keep smiling, Joe. Keep smiling."

Dog Pic of the Day #142

Possible Captions:
  • Frankie had a very important dinner engagement, but he couldn't seem to get the knack of putting on his tie. Perhaps he should have bought a clip-on.
  • The audition had not gone well, and Taffy threw herself on the dining room floor convinced that she would NEVER get a part in the upcoming movie, Stayin' Alive II: Disco Bites Back.
  • Four months after her team's spectacular loss to the Chinese and her subsequent release, former Team USA pingpong coach Hester MacPherson awoke from a party to realize that she'd begun a downward spiral of self-loathing, casual sex and recreational drugs. To get things back on track, first she needed to find a protégé who didn't simply eat the ball.

Dog Pic of the Day #141

Possible Captions:
  • Pablo "Pigqueso"--named for his favorite dish--is the world's most prominent canine artist, reknowned for his series of paintings Ham & Cheese I, II & III, and is shown here in his seminal Kibble Scribble period.
  • There. It was done. And Prince just knew that his master would appreciate the artistic additions he'd provided to color up that drab old copy of the Constitution they'd found at a garage sale.
  • It was his fourth trip to the DG Community College nighttime art class, but Stucky was annoyed. Sure, his abstract line compositions were winning prizes, and he'd been called a "master of unspoken longing," but all he wanted to do was learn to write: "THE CAT IS EATING MY FOOD."

Dog Pic of the Day #140

Possible Captions:
  • Mr. Fred Huffenstuph had finally won the woman of his dreams, but now, at the altar, he began to wonder just who had she licked with that tongue, and where...
  • Max had agreed to wed Bertha for one reason, and one alone: her father's cake business. But he could see some of the other guests eyeing the six-layer, chocolate, strawberry, and cat poop cake greedily, and he wanted to make sure he got his share. Meaning, all of it.
  • Time was running down and Binky was getting nervous that, as best man, he would be forced to wed Ruffalina while his friend Sal the Shar-pei was still ironing himself for the ceremony.

Dog Pic of the Day #139

Possible Captions:
  • Rufus sighed. In the 2006 Cannes Canine Chess Tournament, he'd drawn Pierre le Chat--a known species reassignment who had regularly trounced him in 3 moves while still a feline. His only prayer was the possibility Pierre be distracted by the dead fish he'd rolled in on the
    way here.
  • Since he himself had been schooled to maintain a blank expression, Rex Barkarov found it in highly bad taste that Big Blue kept, every time it was his turn to make a move, flashing Snausages commercials across its monitor.
  • It wasn't the fact that he'd had to dress up in a suit, nor was it his queen being in jeopardy from his opponent's pawns; Finkle was reacting badly to the fact that he'd been given to understand every game of chess required two White Castles, and he didn't seem to see them anywhere.

Dog Pic of the Day #138

Possible Captions:
  • Walked Like an Egyptian
  • It was an important day for Hari-Hari Hassan. He would bear the Dog Sheikh's dinner of chuzudh and mango chutney on his back, and at the end of the journey, just before the big ceremony, he would scarf it all down, take a dump on the palace front lawn and bark, "Long live the Free Danes of Grrrrrabia!" He then would put his tail between his legs and
    pretend like he'd done nothing wrong.
  • After reading the Old Testament, Moses realized that he was not a prince, and that he was the chosen dog to lead his people out of slavery. He was also looking forward to spending forty years wandering the dessert.

Dog Pic of the Day #137

Intent on paralleling the career of his idol, Lil' Bow Wow, Enormo Barka Wark has a techie hold him up to pose for his new movie "Like Ike." He has always ignored criticism that he and his friend Vanilla Chomp are unfit spokesdogs for Gangsta Rap, because he knows in his heart that all dis dissin' he gets (like, they're "white poodle poseurs") is racist garbage propagated by the Cat. Take that, G-dogg. They's like buttah, baby. Barka likes buttah, baby, too.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dog Pic of the Day #136

Possible Captions:

  • Leo, King of the Living Room, gives a mighty roar to scare off carrion feeders such as Twinky the Cat who might have eyes for his freshly killed stuffed bear.
  • "Awwww, Maude. I don't want to go on a ski trip. And no, it's not that I don't like the parka you bought me...."
  • And then the great dog prophet Chompulon appeared, and he gave out the golden rule: Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Bone Unless That Bone Looks Really Tasty. Really Really Tasty. --The Book of Fleas, 4:25-27

Dog Pic of the Day #135

Possible Captions:

  • Though arthritis and Parkinson's had taken their toll, Mohamma Ali--the Great Pink Hope, "float like a butterfly, eat like a pig"--still liked to dress up in her robe and dream of her years as sillyweight champion of the world. If only she had never met Whoppo.
  • "Yes, start the beauty treatment, Pierre. And use lots of mud."
  • Favored boxing champion and million dollar doggie "Mo Chuisle" should never have fought that German Shepherd. She hadn't had to be pug ugly, and now she could only eat steak ground up in the blender and brought to her by servants who waited on her hand and foot. Hmm. Perhaps this wasn't so bad.

Dog Pic of the Day #134

Possible Captions:

  • Though she'd just lost her doghouse and the collar off her neck, Henrietta remained sure she was a champion bluffer. Why else would the the other dogs in the neighborhood not wonder that she was smoking rawhide?
  • "Arkansas" Jane, grand champion, "Dogs Playing Poker" tournament, 2005. Winnings: $1,000,000 of Pupperoni and a lifetime supply of Anti-Tick spray.
  • "Dealer calls? Next hand: Texas Walk 'Em."

Dog Pic of the Day #133

Possible Captions

  • It was 3:20 a.m.?!! Whoever had rung the doorbell would pay. Waking Ebenezer Chomp III in the middle of the night was never a sound plan--he still had bits of his grandsire, Jacko the Junkyarder--and what with his recent foot injuries, the heir to the Blue's Chews fortune was even less inclined to show mercy. Unless it was the milkman with a complementary assortment of cookies.
  • Dinkee had worked long and hard, doing his best to eat his way out of the job cleaning up after the elephants. Now, a full-fledged clown, he no longer had to chase the little clown car but could drive it. He couldn't wait to get his foot on the gas.
  • Whoppo, the Italian Scallion, sillyweight dog boxing champion, 2003

Dog Pic of the Day #132

Being caught snuggling and sharing a chew in the park was embarrassing, but even more incriminating was their sharing of the red rubber ball Bubba had been given by his wife after graduating Obedience School; and so, kind as she was, Benna tried to hide it, just as she'd tried to hide their forbidden dog-bear love.

Dog Pic of the Day #131

Possible Captions

  • Little Jorken looks on as his father speaks of the good old days of modeling in Oslo, as he demonstrates the face that won him the Uftau Bright Smile gig (as the "Before" dog) in 1964 and set the family up with a lifetime supply of Gleem: The Swedish Toothpaste for Your Sweetish Pooch. He has a suspicion that his father has been drinking expired toilet water again.
  • And little Blackie huffed and he puffed and he blew the wolf's face in.
  • "My God, Joe! That's the worst case of morning breath ever!!!"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dog Pic of the Day #130

Ever since she and her friends had tried to contact the ghost of Jerry Garcia with that Ouija board, Fifi Regan had been talking in Cat, her head had been spinning around and she'd been experiencing shooting pains in her belly. She only hoped that when she started puking green pea soup, it would taste good when she licked it back up.

Dog Pic of the Day #129

Possible Captions:

  • Quickpaw McDawg had made many mighty boasts, even following through on some--he'd once bested three Dobermans who got the drop on him, sending them home with their tails between their legs--but today, staring down Red MacTavish, he realized he'd snatched the wrong guy's pork chop. Those others he'd beaten had been dogs, and this human gunfighter had hands and was going to shoot him dead.
  • "I hear there be gold in these here parts, and I come to get in on the steak-claiming action."

Dog Pic of the Day #128

Possible Captions:

  • Step 2: After reaching checkpoint, agents should blend with the crowd, infiltrate The World and whack aforementioned mouse leader. Secondary targets: Dog and duck henchmen.
  • Frankie, Ralph and Stu had finally made it to Florida and their retirement, but Stu was still waiting for that "pie in the sky" he'd heard so much about. He hoped it was "mincemeat," whatever that was.
  • "So...where can a guy find a toilet around here? Me and the boys are thirsty."

Dog Pic of the Day #127

Possible Captions:

  • Enrico had joined the Metropolitan Opera for love of music, but he had stayed for illustrious soprano Dobblora Finglebottom and her plentiful table scraps.
  • He had been leader of the Mongol horde for many years now, conquered Darfur and the Citadel of Hamm, but Barka Khan had a strange inkling that his reign would soon be at an end. He wasn't sure what convinced him--and what was that fat lady singing?
  • "Please. Get a note to the ASPCA. Please."
  • It was a double-edged sword being the dog of Empress Katarin the Immense, as one never knew whether to expect a "walkie and tweats" or to be thrown on the table and devoured with mint jelly.

Dog Pic of the Day #125

Possible Captions:

  • Little did Luckee understand, but the freak injury of Barbaro had forced a terrible and somewhat ludicrous charade by his owners.
  • They had brought him out of the high-security kennel in order to get his valuable information, but there was no chance he would rat out Chunky the Serial Squirrel Chomper unless his demands were met--and there was no way anything less than a daily rubdown and allotment of six bones would satisfy Hannibal.
  • He'd been named Silver and fed oats, but he'd never quite realized the danger he was in from his fat masked midget owner who now strode toward him, six-guns a-jinglin'. He didn't think the doggy snack being offered by Tiny Tonto was going to justify the back strain. Maybe two...

Dog Pic of the Day #124

Todd liked Pepe, but he'd also seen Pepe handle those bully O'Doberman twins in the schoolyard, which made him a bit nervous about explaining ownership of the after-school snack his mother had set out.

Dog Pic of the Day #123

Possible Captions:

  • "Go ahead, you know you want to. Take the ham. So what if it's Easter and the family will be back soon? The Good Lord giveth, and the Good Lord taketh away. Take. The. Ham!"
  • He'd heard about the area's indigenous Giant Red Tick, and how clever they were, so even if he hadn't yet seen any, it was on the top of his head for Ralph to keep an eye out.
  • "It's not a tumor."

Dog Pic of the Day #122

Possible Captions:

  • There were those who called his fascination with rabbits unhealthy, but for Miles Redondo it was the only way: Be your foe. Only then could he drive out to the wilds and track down dinner, and still be back in time for the canned stuff at home.
  • Though he did not yet know it, Harry "the Hare" Cushman, champion of the ILR (Inter Living Room) Race Circuit and his souped up VW Bug, was about to be put in his place by unassuming Tommy "the Tortoise" LaRue and his green 1984 Gremlin.
  • "Excuse me, officer? Speeding? Do you know who I am?"

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dog Pic of the Day #121

Possible Captions:
  • "Please, please, please--no more dunking, mommy!!! I swear I will NEVER chase skunks again! EVER."
  • Sophie, Miss March 1972, Playdog - "I like bones, big balls and anything rubber. And while I don't like baths, I don't mind a good rubdown afterward."
  • "Now, as you can see, I've applied Stink-B-Gone to myself in great quantity. I've rubbed the shampoo in, and let it sit. The only thing left is to rinse, and voila! Soon, no more roses. I will have that fresh-from-the-docks smell as if I've rolled in something up to ten days dead...."

Dog Pic of the Day #120

It had been a long day, and so, having given up the idea of impressing Gerald and her mother's friends, Aggie and Sophie spread out on the vast western slope of the Hill of St. Genevieve. Little did she know that Rex was sleeping just past the summit, tired out from his long day of sheep-herding, and truthfully, little did she care, for she was contemplating greater things: tomorrow's Christmas cake, the next day's turkey dinner, the day after that's pork pie, Tuesday's almost certain course of eggs a la creme...

--from Miss Agatha Takes a Nap (Harlequin #313)

Dog Pic of the Day #119

Possible Captions:

  • "Silly girl, you think I want your banana?"
  • Always one to learn from other species, Furfti had been watching the clever anteaters at the zoo, but he was having less luck in obtaining the object of his desire--and he had a feeling little Janie Pye was getting suspicious.
  • "My, what a big tongue you have, Grandma," said Little Red Sweater Vest.

Dog Pic of the Day #118

Possible Captions:

  • Morag hated this. It had been 12 years since she'd come to the first Dress Up Like Your Favorite Piece of Furniture competition, and this year she wasn't sure her Aberdeen couch ensemble, partial as she was to it, was going to take the golden Lazy-Boy.
  • Mistress Phoenicia, madam of the Colorful House in Buteau, CO, walks the line inspecting her girls. Yes, this group of clowns could go as far as any. Farther, if they donned their rubber noses.

Dog Pic of the Day #117

Possible Captions:

  • Could any caption possibly explain this?
  • "Dr. Lavingstongue, I presume?"
  • How embarrassing. His owners had come home and discovered Reginald playing spaceman again. Wait until they found out he'd used their credit card to buy his "space shoes"--and the "space ship" that was due to arrive on Wednesday.
  • Professor Red MacAfee, the first canine apiologist, 1926 (colorized). While revered by many dogs as a genius, others maintain MacAfee was only in it for the honey.

Dog Pic of the Day #116

Possible Captions:

  • Sgt. Major Tuffts Lukans, hero and veteran of 16 military actions, thinks of old friends and waits for the asshole who first thought up the idea of a "bomb-sniffing dog."
  • President George W. Bush's new plan to subjugate the Middle East: the 2006 Dog Draft.
  • For years, the Cat had gotten the better of Sparky. The worm has turned....
  • It was about time, Petra thought, that they got her something effective for sheep crowd control. But what she really wanted was to get into the C-rations.

Dog Pic of the Day #115

Possible Captions:

  • Ever since the war and the loss of his legs, whenever he hears the sound of a truck backfiring, Pudlo Phillips (Sgt, USK9MC, ret) can't help but think of his pals at Miaow Lie and how they gave up everything to retake that canned food factory, and of how finally catching that car he'd been trained to chase had NOT provided all the fulfillment his
    relatives, his friends and his government had believed.
  • Missy looks forward to tomorrow, when her plan will finally come together and it will be her mistress who is forced to put on a silly outfit and wear a leash.

Dog Pic of the Day #114

Possible Captions:

  • "Woof, woof, woof and a bottle of rum."
  • Jolly Roger DaBone, pirate cap'n extraordinaire
  • "Ahrrr-oo, I's a pirate indeed."
  • "It's time to W-A-L-K the plank, matey!"